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Updated: 2 hours 15 min ago

EU to start seizing traffickers' boats

2 hours 19 min ago

After months spent gathering intelligence about people smuggling networks across the Mediterranean, an EU military operation will start stopping and seizing the boats attempting the risky journey.

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For cargo ship crew, lonely and risky life

2 hours 32 min ago

Every day, they come and go, unheralded, required, ignored: 100,000 or so working ships traveling the seas, carrying 90% of world trade. Our goods, necessities, fripperies: all still come by ship, although most people think of the sea as something to be flown over, and though the average consumer pays seafarers no mind, until they arrive in our newspaper or TV headlines as casualties, such as the 33 men of El Faro, presumed lost near the Bahamas when Hurricane Joaquin swept by.

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Dalai Lama: I could be the last one

2 hours 34 min ago

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The $1 billion city with no humans

2 hours 39 min ago

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Tennis stars plagued by smog at China Open

2 hours 40 min ago

The air quality index plunged to "hazardous" levels in Beijing this week, according to independent monitors, as the world's top tennis talent gathered in the Chinese capital for the latest stop on the ATP tour.

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Groundbreaking neutrinos work wins prize

2 hours 45 min ago

Two scientists have won the Nobel Prize in Physics for their groundbreaking work showing that neutrinos -- electrically neutral subatomic particles -- have mass, contrary to what had been thought.

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She found cure in Chinese texts

2 hours 46 min ago

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NATO: Russia sent ground troops to Syria

3 hours 4 min ago

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'Hundreds' of Yazidi women killing themselves in ISIS captivity

3 hours 5 min ago

"Hello?" The voice is muffled, crackly, and barely audible, but the caller's desperation is clear: "Our situation is very bad and cannot get any worse."

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In sex slavery

3 hours 6 min ago

Three young Yazidi women who escaped from ISIS sex slavery tell CNN's Atika Shubert about the horrific things they faced at the hands of ISIS.

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Help for the Yazidi

3 hours 13 min ago

Ethnic cleansing by ISIS has displaced, killed and enslaved hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Yazidis.

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Ex-U.N. leader charged for bribery

3 hours 39 min ago

A former president of the U.N. General Assembly "sold himself and the global institution he led" by allegedly pocketing more than $1 million in bribes to finance a luxury spending spree, according to a federal prosecutor.

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U.S. history of deadly mistakes

4 hours 27 min ago

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About 6,000 U.S. inmates to be freed

4 hours 43 min ago

Roughly 6,000 federal inmates will be released at the end of the month, the largest one-time release of federal prisoners, the Bureau of Prisons said Tuesday.

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Clinton sends her book to Republican rivals

4 hours 44 min ago

Hillary Clinton sent nearly every Republican presidential candidate a copy of her recent memoir "Hard Choices" earlier this month, as well as a personalized letter, a spokesman said Tuesday.

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France's vision of a utopian future in Lyon

4 hours 58 min ago

As the gastronomic capital of France, Lyon has been known to whet the appetite.

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'La Dolce Vita' returns to Roman streets

5 hours 53 sec ago

Rome's iconic street is now a shadow of its former self, with shuttered shops and empty cafes. Discover how foreign buyers are re-launching the area.

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Sexy electric: A petrol-free future

5 hours 42 min ago

Whether addressing issues of safety, congestion, efficiency, pollution or just changing consumer tastes, most of the major automobile manufacturers at this year's prestigious IAA motorshow in Frankfurt unveiled a concept powered by alternative energy.

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