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Now TV goes the Google Way

Pretty clear from the title itself that Google has again tried to expand its already huge advertising base and what is better than to conquer your living room where you spend most of your time.

This new effort clearly has got hardware manufacturers and cable network behind it in US to get an ultimate TV experience as Google describes it.

It is really a huge effort to bring together the TV and the internet with the introduction of an amalgamated intuitive interface. The operating system is going to be android and develepors are already being urged to start creating apps for this new platform.

Really reminds me of days when I used to create pages for Microsoft TV with a browser which was a total pain eventually making me skip it altogether.

One thing worth noticing is the fact is the TTY directive in CSS media type might be making a comeback. Lets watch this space. I am quite keen and excited to work on this and if you are interested as well, let me know.

More information can be found at and

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